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Back to Clark!

Hello Everyone,

So my internship is officially finished. Sorry about the lack of posts recently; I have been extremely busy wrapping up my internship.

So, after a summer of learning, embracing, and figuring a lot of things out, my internship is complete!

I spent the last couple weeks of my internship working hard on filming and editing. Although  my final product did not end perfectly, I was still able to get something done and present it to my supervisors. To summarize, I had a very hard time finding the correct people to participate in the video which lead to me finding last minute ways to still make the video happen, such as using voiceovers instead of participants.

Some of the more important things I learned at this internship really focused around communication. I realized that working in a corporation is not so much about the project you are creating, but more about communicating with the correct people to make things happen.

In the end of the day, this internship was a great learning experience for me. I learned a lot of valuable things that I will be using in my future, but I will admit I am happy to jump back into the college world at Clark!

Thanks for reading my posts! I will post the video when EMC puts it up!



Let’s Talk Sustainability

Hello Clarkies and friends,

So I thought I could give you guys an idea of what I have been learning about aside from making the lifecycle video. When I went into this internship, the only thing I knew about sustainability was “going green”. I was unaware that the “green” aspect of sustainability  is only a small aspect of sustainability. The more I read, the more I listened, and the more I absorbed, I realized that sustainability is a lifestyle and a necessary way of living. At EMC, through my sustainability team, I learned that sustainability goes beyond the environment. It is sustaining ecosystems, delivering values, and strengthening communities. The idea of sustainability is not just being environmentally friendly; it’s about making something last. At EMC, the sustainability team’s goal is to make the company last and stay successful. Sustainability is about keeping everyone satisfied in a healthy environment. My team is dedicated to this, and just finished EMC’s 2011 Sustainability  Report titled “Transformation with Purpose”.



This is an in-depth report of everything EMC does to maintain its sustainability. If you are interested I recommend you take a look at it. It’s incredible to see how much detail my team gives to make EMC a better company.

But one of the best things about my team and its passion for sustainability is that they shared their knowledge with me. I now feel as though I can work in a sustainability department at any office, because they have taught me so much. One of the best things about internships is learning about something that you didn’t expect. As a communications major, I never expected to learn about sustainability. Now I feel as though I minored in it!

I should be posting soon about the video, but in the meantime I wanted to show you guys some unexpected but satisfying rewards I got out of this internship.

Talk to you soon.




Spoke with EMC TV today…I get to use their equipment and edit this video on my own! Going to their office to check everything out next week. YES!


Clarkie Speaks at EMC!

The other day guest speaker JoAnne Shatkin came to EMC to give a presentation on nanomaterials and nanotechnology. In a sum, nanotechnology is manipulating matter into a molecular scale. This means taking something like silver, and breaking it down into a molecular scale. So why is this important to sustainability? The incredible thing about nanotechnology, is that you can use it to make things last longer and stay protected. Cosmetics, sunscreen, clothing, and sporting equipment all use nanotechnology to improve durability and strength. Shatkin gave a great presentation on the importance of nanotechnology in regards to energy efficiency and preserving resources. After she mentioned getting a degree at WPI, I decided to approach her after her talk. Once we started chatting for a few minutes, she told me she shaped her own doctorate degree at Clark University! How cool is that? Way to represent Clark!



Hello Everyone,

Next week I will be starting my video. I wrote up a plan so I can stay organized throughout my process. [Outline]


Create a video that captures the life cycle of an EMC product and its relationship to sustainability.

  • Each Stage of the cycle will set a scene. When each stage is complete, the product will be “sent” to the next cycle stage which will be determined by transitions from scene to scene
  • 2-5 minutes long
  • Internal/External Use
  •  Youtube, EMC Website, Email, Twitter, Facebook

Product Used For Video


  • Small and efficient
  • Used for variety of business
  • Price Chopper, WalmartSmallest commercial product of EMC
  • Accessible and easy to carry, move, and hold in video
  • The VNXE goes through a complete life cycle where it is recycled at the end of its use.

Stages of Life Cycle

Design   –>     Supplier    –>  Component   –>   Build/Assemble   –> Logistics    –>   Customer  –>  Take Back


  • June 18th-June 19th: Create plan for video, discuss plan with Mark
  • June 20th-July 4th: I will be MIA, but hopefully some meetings can be set up in preparation for the video
  • July 5th-July 6th: Regroup with Mark and Team
  • Week of July 9th: storyboard/meetings with contacts
  • Week of July 16th: Plan for Filming/communication and meetings with contacts
  • Week of July 23rd : FILM
  • Week of July 30th: FILM/EDIT
  • Week of August 6th: EDIT
  • Week of August 13th: Finalize/DISTRIBUTE

Potential Issues/ Detours

Communication, help,  and Cooperation with/from EMC TV

  • Use of equipment and their facilities
  • Help when needed

To give everyone an idea, this is what the VNXE looks like:


So in the video, we will be using the VNXE to show the lifecycle of a specific EMC product.


Back from Israel, Back to EMC

Hello Everyone,

So after an incredible trip and experience in Israel, I am finally back to the real world.

Before I left, I met with my supervisor and went over basic ideas and plans for the video, but decided that we would not really start anything until I came back from Israel. Unfortunately, my supervisor hurt his back this week so if he is not in tomorrow I will have to start fresh next week.

On a social note relating to EMC, I met some other interns today from the marketing department. It is a great thing to see young people from all over the country looking to succeed and learn as much as possible from corporations such as EMC.

I will make a post tomorrow speaking on behalf of the logistics of my video I plan on making.




EMC Status

Hello everyone,

It is my second week at EMC and I am still really enjoying myself. When I am at EMC, I do not feel like an intern. I actually feel like I am someone who is working for the company and, more importantly, I feel like someone who is proud to work for the company. Tomorrow I will be presenting my video plan for my summer project to the sustainability team. We now have a product we have chosen for the video: The VXNE. It is one of EMC’s smallest products so it will be easy to use and move around.

After tomorrow I will be leaving for Israel until July 5th. When I get back I am going to start to write a storyboard and actually get into this video! I am extremely excited. After speaking with one of my colleges who is an environmental architect at EMC, I felt very passionate about what I plan on doing. He told me, “You know; you might not be able to change the world with the video you are making, but you will definitely change some people in this company.” I cannot wait for this movie to start moving!

Until then, enjoy and see you in a couple of weeks!


Working Man!

Hello Everyone,

So my first week at EMC is almost over and I have already learned more than I could imagine. I went into this internship knowing little about both EMC and sustainability. I must admit in the three days I have been here it has been a lot of fun taking in so much information!

Firstly, EMC as a corporation is incredible. Every company, every business, and every establishment has stored data in a digital form. Banks store your accounts, phone companies store phone numbers, sports teams store statistics, etc. It is EMC’s job to take that data, organize it, and keep it safe.

Within the last five years or so, EMC has been working on improving their sustainability as a company. With that being said, they created a sustainability department and made actions to make their corporation a more sustainable environment. Right now, before I even start working on the video, I am attending meetings, doing research, and learning as much as I can about sustainability and its relationship to EMC. It has been a blast! People do not realize how effective and powerful such changes can be. For my next post I am going to talk about some of the things EMC is doing to be more sustainable!


EMC Internship

Hello everyone!

My name is Shaun Holt. I am going into my senior year studying communications and culture,and I will be interning at EMC this summer! EMC is an information management company. With the importance of saving energy, EMC created an entire department dedicated to sustainability. The company wants their employers and customers to know how seriously the company takes the issue of sustainability, and to do this, they want to create a film/video that will show the process of their products from manufacturing to distribution. This is what I will be working on during this summer internship. I plan on starting at the beginning of June. I will be finding out more as the summer progresses, but I am very excited!

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