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September 12th, 2013 by Sean Paul Fitzgerald

ARC Golf Tournament (one of them)


These are some of the pictures I promised.


Held at The International, we as interns and Red Cross staff were lucky enough explore one of New England’s premiere golf courses. Heralded as one of the US’ 50 Toughest Gold Courses, the ARC had to raise a hefty amount to reserve it for the day. In the end, however, the work and investment seemed to be worth the trouble.


And there was some trouble. As with any event, we came across some obstacles like the absence of promised funding/donations, late arrivals, and of course, the weather. Late in the afternoon, the beautiful sunny day turned into something unexpected—before I knew it, the roof of my golf cart wasn’t doing much good with the rain coming in at my from the sides.


The inclement weather led to a slight delay in game but fortunately we were able to push through it all. It was a long day and I know an even longer one for those who needed to stay after to clean up (thank to those specific Red Cross volunteers and International staff). It was very nice, though, to see much of my fellow intern’s work come to fruition. Not only Holly who put in a lot of time to the tournament set-up, but also Allegra who got the chance to table for her Measles Initiative. I don’t know if the end result of my project will be so physically manifested, but I do look forward to getting the same kind of relief I saw in their faces!


Before the rain hit!

What’s even better is what I found upon returning to my office that next week. Posted all around the office was our fiscal year statistics that showed how successful we were in attaining our annual goals! If you look closely, you can see that our goal was raised by NHQ several times and we were still able to surpass expectations. This is truly representative of the experience that the Central and Western MA branch has and I’m curious to see how the addition of the Ready 365 Corporate Partnership program will change things for the coming year.



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