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July 30th, 2013 by Gus

Our Own Version of Bonnaroo

So maybe it wasn’t 90,000 people sweating in the Tennessee sun, but last Thursday over 40 people showed up at the Clark Community Thrift Store (CCTS) for a night of sorting, pizza, music, and shopping! One of my goals as the Clark Community Thrift Store’s Campus Outreach Intern was to change the way the Clark Community thinks of the CCTS. The CCTS can be a fun community space, not just a place to shop, but a place to come together and have fun with friends and strangers alike. I decided a concert with local artists the same night as a sorting party would be a great way to do just that and started talking to friends who play music in the area. Between a post in our Facebook group and word of mouth, I was contacted by 7 artists who were able to perform!


Volunteers sort to the beat

The night started out with a former Clarkie, Jon, who DJs as BLK.MRKT.BTZ. He dropped some awesome beats to pump up our sorting volunteers. Jon also works with Mastermind Alliance to record local rappers with positive messages. One of those rappers, Ghost of the Machine finished off our sorting with lyrics that would blow you away. Free styling for over 5 minutes about  important social issues?? I think everyone sorting was flabbergasted.


BLK MRKT BTZ and Ghost of the Machine lay it down

The party continued inside the store with pizza, and an acoustic performance by Clarkies and Clark Bar members Dan Deutsch and Marina Khananayev. Their rendition of Valerie (originally by the Zutons) got everyone in the store swaying. The shopping and music continued with Jack McAuliffe and Chris Lee playing sing-a-long tunes. By 10:30 there were people coming in the store off the street because of the captivating music filtering out the door. Our night ended with former Clarkie, Bettny Roze Mazur, who made everyone in the store speechless with her quirky lyrics and beautiful voice. She’s recording her first CD now and I know I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!


Volunteers enjoy music and pizza after sorting

Everyone filtered out of the store by 11 but Gus, Sam, and I were left with a concert high like you wouldn’t believe. We made more sales than we had all day, got more volunteers for our next sorting party, and created lasting relationships with amazing artists who are excited to come back for the next concert. It’s amazing what an idea, some e-mails, and word of mouth can do around here!


Sarah Philbrick Class of 2015

Written by Sarah Philbrick, guest blogger and Clark Community Thrift Store Campus Outreach Intern.





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