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July 22nd, 2013 by Chelsea Kryspin

WaterFire Timeline – The Master Schedule

Can you believe the summer is starting to wind down? It seems like things are just getting started! For everyone at WaterFire, it’s true, their season has just barely started.

This season is an odd one – usually there are more fires in the summer, and not as many in the fall. But, as a non-profit, we go when the sponsors want a fire, and the way it turned out this year is that there are only a handful of fires in the summer, and many more in the fall! The hard part about that is, as soon as things get really busy, all the summer interns head out! So, what we’ve been doing is a lot of preparation for the fall. We’re trying to take the extra time that we have between fires to get a head up on the fall sweep. Many of the projects that I’m working on are for dates late into the fall, some almost heading into Winter!

One closer project that I’m working on, however, is the August 10th lighting timeline. What the timeline is is a comprehensive spreadsheet of what everyone’s doing at every moment during an event day – who’s where, doing what, and how it needs to get done. Usually, PK, the director of operations is in charge of putting together this huge project. Instead, the four operations interns get the chance to work on this timeline as one of our final projects. So far, it’s going very well. After being involved in WaterFire for so long, we know for the most part what needs to be done at each event and by whom. What we need to figure out is the new features that are different for each event. For example, at the August 10th fire, one of our main sponsors, Fidelity, has large neon cranes that will be mounted on the VIP boats and hanging from the College St. Bridge. OK. So – how are they going to get there? Who’s going to check that they work, load them in the right truck, check the mountings, install them, turn them on, and strike them? How will this new addition change the work that people already do at each fire? Besides the sound system for the concert, delivery of rentals and catering, we essentially do everything ourselves- by hand. This hand-made quality is a part of what makes WaterFire so special – and all the more challenging.

I look forward to meeting these challenges and hopefully pulling together one awesome final event! Please join us on August 10th in Providence to see my final event of the summer!

Also, if you’re interested in seeing some other things that myself and other interns have to say about WaterFire, check out our intern tumblr blog at

The summer interns - can you spot me?

The summer interns – can you spot me?

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