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July 18th, 2013 by Andrew Doig

WaterFire’s New Building!


And above is what I call “the Firestation,” WaterFire’s new headquarters and community development center. The official announcement will be happening at a press conference on Monday, and later today I will be helping to set up for it. But the name of this building hasn’t been finalized yet! HQ, the Hub, the Campus, and many other names have been bandied about to christen the new building. But I am in the midst of a personal quest to have the building become known as “the Firestation.” We will just have to wait and see on Monday what the official name will be, but if you should drop by be sure to call it the Firestation!

WaterFire Zip Bug

Check out this little bugger from WaterFire! Look real hard around a lighting and you will find bits of these helpful Zip Bugs nearly everywhere!


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