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July 5th, 2013 by Anastassios Dardas

Potential Results/Maps of Home Health Care

One aspect in employment that matters most is the benefits. It is important to have a working environment that you would enjoy most. It is not required for me to report daily at the VNANE headquarters in Marlborough. In fact, my supervisor prefers me to do most of my work remotely; I have the GIS software, raw data, and internet. Once every two or three weeks, I set up a meeting with my database manager/supervisor, at the headquarters in Marlborough, and through an extensive meeting we discuss the current results, analysis and future plans. Another excellent benefit is the flexibility my supervisor provides. In other words, there is no set up schedule; I can work early in the morning or late at night; thus I could travel overseas (Greece) for vacation and visiting my grandparents / relatives for four weeks. Of course I still do work while abroad and report updates to my supervisor via email. I also communicate with my lead professor at Clark and together we set up goals and timelines.
Currently, I am working on the specification document and have concluded that results will be 6 maps. Three maps will display the quality of home health care based on survey questions from patients and records per zip code/town. The survey questions are:

1) How often do patients have to be admitted to hospitals?
2) How often patients received urgent home health care, unplanned care in the hospital emergency room – without being admitted to the hospital?
3) How often the home health team treated heart failure (weakening of the heart) patients’ symptoms?

These are almost done in the process and results will be posted in the near future. The 4th and 5th map will display comparison of congestive heart failure discharge rate versus one of the three survey questions (still in the process to find any similar trends or patterns spatially) and population risk assessment respectively. The 6th map has not been assessed yet but it will be based on cost of home health care versus visits per patient.

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