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June 30th, 2013 by Hannah Reich


The importance of lab buddies

When you become lab buddies with someone, it’s like making an unbreakable vow.  Your lab buddy becomes your other half, your partner in crime, and your lifeline (especially in chemistry labs).  They’re people you can be your complete, nerdy self around.  I am fortunate to be living with three of my lab buddies this summer in addition to being able to spend ample time with other lab buddies.

Living with my lab buddies has really shaped my summer as a LEEP pioneer thus far.  Though we all work for the same research lab, we’re all working on slightly different projects.  This means that once were done working in the lab or in the field for the day, we talk about our projects over a steaming pot of tea in our common room.  We ask each other questions about the other’s methods, anticipated results, what the results will imply, and how we’ll build upon our work in future studies.  By questioning each other, we force one another to think harder, better understand our own research, and, most importantly, bring science to life.

Being a part of a group of people with similar academic interests and goals has made my research experience special and inspired me to grow as a scientist.  Biology projects aside, this experience has taught me how valuable having classmates by your side who question your ideas, push you to think more, and to inspire you to work harder can be.  I am extremely thankful for all that I’ve gained from my friendships with my lab buddies thus far and am ecstatic for what’s ahead!

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  1. Jul 6 2013

    Reading your post making me remember days in the past when i was on the college ( science , biochemistry branch ) . when i was on the lab and we are making experiment about synthesis of insulin and that experiment take more than 6 hours, but this days was the most interesting days on my life.

  2. Feb 4 2014

    Definitely I had 1 lab buddy in chem lab. We use to do experiments together and have broken couple of test tubes 😛


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