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June 25th, 2013 by Gus


Sorting It All Out

All in all it has been an exciting and busy week at the Clark Community Thrift Store (CCTS). Highlights ranged from a frantic phone call from Sarah begging me to disable the store alarm, to discovering that the roof had sprung a leak after a violent thunderstorm. Nevertheless, the week’s shenanigans did not deter us from hosting a sorting party that drew more than a dozen volunteers in our first event of the summer.

Because the CCTS collects a mountain of donations at the end of the school year from Clarkies who are heading home for the summer, it is vital that these donations are quickly sorted to ensure we carry a consistent and well organized inventory. Additionally, as the pictures in this post indicate, the pile of unsorted clothing and dorm accessories was taking up valuable store space. Knowing that we had the opportunity to increase outside involvement in the store, while at the same time making progress on work that needed to be done, we turned to the community for extra help.

Before sorting

With the promise of free pizza for those that came, volunteers began arriving promptly and went to work on the pile. Driven by the inspirational melodies of a radio I had fixed with a makeshift clothes hanger antenna, the mound was rapidly reduced in less than two hours.

Significant progress!

Significant progress!

As my first CCTS outreach event, it was extremely gratifying to have such wonderful volunteer turnout. Furthermore I got my first glimpse of what the “community” aspect of the store’s name really means by observing the lively atmosphere of teamwork, joy, and common purpose during sorting. In fact the enthusiasm and diligence of the volunteers was so positive, that it kept me smiling even when I opened a bag containing an odious yellow pillow! Based on great results of our first sorting party, we are planning on hosting more this summer.

Volunteers enjoy their hard earned pizza

Volunteers enjoy their hard earned pizza

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