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June 24th, 2013 by Anastassios Dardas


Current Home Health Care Process

Hello again everyone!

As I mentioned earlier, the project is about mapping population factors, risks, costs, and quality of Home Health Care throughout New England. VNANE has its headquarters in Marlborough, roughly 25 minutes from Clark. I usually conduct it remotely either at Clark (for Microsoft Access), home (ArcGIS), or overseas. Once every couple of weeks I meet with my supervisor discussing about my work and results. What I was glad to hear during my first meeting with my supervisor is the organization and how they usually precede their projects. Their proceedings consisted of pre-scoping, scoping, specification, rough draft results, revision, final results, and presentation.

The pre-scoping phase mainly emphasizes in finding data that is available to the public and speculating the use of it. Initially, this was the most challenging part because GIS and statistical-intensive research can only be conducted when there is appropriate data available, otherwise you would have to revise the objective of the project. Excellent home health care that I have found is through Medicare and CMS (Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services). The data included each VNA and other home health care agency office location, twenty satisfaction questions from patients (in %), and ownership type. The tedious part was to specifically choose specific agencies that VNANE is interested in and manually insert service area by zip code for each agency in excel prior to GIS spatial analysis.

The scoping phase is the real brainstorming process. For this project, the scoping phase defines the objective of the project, why is the organization conducting it, and what would be the potential product (in this case maps). If your supervisor/organization does a similar process as VNANE, always ask if they have example documents or to specify. This helps you think more critically and write more clearly in a professional style. For me it has help me brainstorm efficiently. Currently, I am in the specification process, where I have to really specify what maps I will be creating, what they represent & its significance, and how will it be done step by step. The CEO and supervisor are still figuring out what is the specific objective and outcome of the project. This is my new challenge and will involve trial-and-error.

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  1. Jul 4 2013

    Thank you so much for making us understand home health care process, it really feels good when you know how things work. so that is all happens when i call them for taking care of my mother.

    • Anastassios Dardas
      Jul 5 2013

      Hello Rina,

      My supervisor and I discuss that home health care is potentially the solution to low cost and high quality of medical services in the future. Our goal is to encourage patients to use home health care services rather than hospitals. Hospitals are generally expensive and not exactly a comfortable environment to receive medicare. Additionally it is more inconvenient for the patient to go to the hospital. I have just posted another blog, discussing about Potential Results/Maps of Home Health Care. Feel free to read it:

      Thank you for your feedback!

      Anastassios D

  2. adam
    Jul 6 2013

    great post ,thank you for sharing it


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