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June 13th, 2013 by Samuel Mix

Hadwen Arboretum # 5

May 29, 2013

Two interesting things happened since the last time I posted.


One of my “high-hanging fruit” email contacts got back to me. A librarian from the Massachusetts Horticultural Society sent me the link to where they have started to upload a lot of their old records. The link the librarian sent me brought me to a list of annual records, each with the meetings, lectures, and the obituary for that year. Attached is an image of a cover page from one such document. I looked at the years 1901–1903, as those were the years Hadwen was president. As president he gave brief speeches at the start of each year. I also looked at the 1907 issue, the year he passed away. The society’s obituary about him was smaller than the one in The Worcester Magazine, but it referenced a lecture Hadwen gave in 1900, which I later found and read. Beside the section of his will that directly applies to Clark, this is the first time that I have seen Hadwen communicating through his own words. You can see them here.

The second issue of note is that my time left for conducting research is almost up. Like I said in an earlier blog, the low hanging fruits have been picked and it is time to move to the next step. I have enough good information to tell a story about Hadwen and the history of the arboretum. I am to spend the last few day of my research looking up best management practices for Hadwen Arboretum. Because of HA’s uniqueness and the difficulty inherent in categorizing it, finding a complete list of best management practices (BMPs) in one place is difficult. The arboretum is part community garden, part unkempt arboretum, part forest, part open space (sports field), as well as many other things. Thus, this list will be a compilation of different BMPs, goals, and factors important to BMP as ascertained through varying sources.  I plan to look at government and municipal park services, campus greens space, and other actual arboretums.


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