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May 19th, 2013 by Andrew Doig

Volunteer Training at WaterFire Providence

Hello! My name is Andrew Doig, and I am a Videography and Media Intern at WaterFire Providence. WaterFire runs festivals throughout the year celebrating the city of Providence theough the alchemical mix of water and fire. You can find more about their events at, but a quick discription should include mention of their music, running along all three rivers in the heart of the financial district, the braziers of fire floating along the channels, and the many artisans and special booths set up for festival goers enjoyment.

Yesterday was Mock Dock Day, the WaterFire training program for volunteers. It all began here, at the volunteer check in, where fellow Clark LEEP Pioneer Chelsea (not in this photo) checked in the new recruits:



From here we all went through a series of training lectures and introductions, prepping us in how to run the event and all of the many safety protocols to make sure we keep the 30,000+ attendants healthy:


Next the fun parts! Although we were taught how to run many of the events that WaterFire puts on at every running, the biggest draw has always been the burning fires. And those are fed by volunteers on boats! Here we are loading up on them to feed the braziers in the water:


Sorry Steve! Caught you at a bad moment. Here we are loading up the braziers:


At the end of the day we even got to light them up! I’ll save that beutiful image for a later time. As for us interns, we all go in on monday to the office to get some more training and begin our indoor jobs. Keep an eye open for an exploration of the audio system which Tim, Elvis, Justin, Gary, PK, Mike and myself tested last Thursday!


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