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August 29th, 2012 by Shaun Holt

Back to Clark!

Hello Everyone,

So my internship is officially finished. Sorry about the lack of posts recently; I have been extremely busy wrapping up my internship.

So, after a summer of learning, embracing, and figuring a lot of things out, my internship is complete!

I spent the last couple weeks of my internship working hard on filming and editing. Although  my final product did not end perfectly, I was still able to get something done and present it to my supervisors. To summarize, I had a very hard time finding the correct people to participate in the video which lead to me finding last minute ways to still make the video happen, such as using voiceovers instead of participants.

Some of the more important things I learned at this internship really focused around communication. I realized that working in a corporation is not so much about the project you are creating, but more about communicating with the correct people to make things happen.

In the end of the day, this internship was a great learning experience for me. I learned a lot of valuable things that I will be using in my future, but I will admit I am happy to jump back into the college world at Clark!

Thanks for reading my posts! I will post the video when EMC puts it up!


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