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August 20th, 2012 by Alexis Carlson

Day One

Rich Lake

Day one in the Adirondacks was amazing! The drive was ridiculously long, but with lots of good music and snacks we managed to make it in one piece. As soon as we arrived at the Adirondack Ecological Center we met with one of the centers directors who showed us to our lab space and sleeping quarters. Once we settled in we took a walk around the property and were pleasantly surprised to find that Rich Lake was only a 2-minute walk from our cabins! The view from the beach was spectacular, and I practically had to be dragged away for dinner (we went back for a swim later though!). Today was our first day out collecting – we hit 2 sites within the Huntington Wildlife Forest and spent about 6 hours out. Once it started getting dark it was time to head back to the lab to sort everything out. As you can see we had quite a lot to work with!


Mycena leaiana

Mycena leaiana

The unloading table

Busy mycologists

Cordycep sp.

Of all the fungi we collected, my absolute favorite was a Cordycep, which I found at the 1st site we visited. Cordyceps are parasitic ascomycetes. The species that I found had parasitized an insect pupae. I had never seen one before and almost tore the mummified body of the host off because I thought it was a pinecone!


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